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Mission & Vision

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The Mission of the Computer Center (CC) of Middle East Technical University (METU) is,

  • to provide information technologies services and the needed support, consultancy and training to do with these services which are required for the education, instruction, research & development, social duty, scientific activities as well as administrative and managerial functions of METU,

    • to academic and administrative units, members, students of METU and to other persons and establishments it is in contact within the scope of its main activities, taking into consideration

      • user requirements, technological advances, IT security,

      • institutional productivity, continuity and affectivity in services,

      • the user and the CC work force satisfaction;

  • to take an important role in the structuring of IT policies and strategies of METU;
  • for matters related to IT,
    • to be involved in research and development,
    • to devise national/international projects and institutional collaborations and organizational ventures and contributing to already existing formations be of guidance to them.


The Vision of the Computer Center (CC) of Middle East Technical University (METU) is to be an entity that

  • directs METU to solutions to make use of the developing IT technologies at the utmost degree and within the light of these technologies to ensure that the information resources of the university is structured in integrity;

  • always leads in the national platform, is "firstly pointed at and shown as an example" in its field;

  • is well known in the international arena, and has the competitive capacity;

  • is always relied on, consulted, is an institutionalized body with a founded notion of being an institution.


METU CC will attain its vision by,

    • the productivity and the creativity nurtured by free thought,

    • the ability to create authentic solutions,

    • being lucid, open to new ideas and the notion of being in continual development,


its staff "who are respectful of human rights, laws, nature, devoted to ethical values, broadminded, sharing, quizzical, competent, respectful to Turkish, and who have seized the understanding of equality-justice, who have a criticizing and questioning out look and professional and institutional responsibility" and whose qualities have turned into institutional values.