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About Information Security

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To identify emerging threats in cyberspace intended for cyber security; reduce or eliminate the effects of possible attacks and incidents of security,  and to work and share knowledge with security related national and international  actors,  the National Cyber Response Centre (USOM ,TR- CERT) has been established under The Presidency of Telecommunication. 

For detecting and eliminating nationally and internationally emerging threats in cyberspace, USOM works in coordination with established public institutions and Cyber Security Response Teams (SOME)  founded by the private sector .

SOME of METU has been founded on December 15, 2014 under the Computer Center . The established SOME is working in coordination with the USOM  to take necessary precautions for preventing cyber security breach incidents.

The practices of cyber security in METU Computer Center has been complied with international standards with the acquirement of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certificate. This certificate's requirement of continous amendment practices are performed by Information Security Unit.