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Computer Center provides effective, efficient, and high-quality service to our students.

 Some of our recommendations to our students are as follows:

They can download the METU Mobile Application, which we put into service before the COVID-19 outbreak and continued to develop during the pandemic period, onto their devices, and they can easily access lots of services through the application.

On our Ankara campus, they can use "eduroam" and "meturoam" networks and benefit from our wireless internet services with extended capacity and coverage thanks to more than 1960 Wi-Fi Access Points. (http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/tr/groups/kablosuz-ag)

Regarding the central licensed programs offered by the Computer Center, various training and seminars are organized by the companies providing these software. These seminars can be found in the "Seminar Announcements" section of the METU Licensed Software Service web page. This page, which includes information about the subject, date, time, speakers and participation conditions of the trainings and seminars organized, is regularly updated according to the new information received from the companies.

They can follow the social media accounts of our university, our academic units, student clubs, and other internal stakeholders.

They can visit the Computer Center Frequently Asked Questions page regarding the issues they might have about the IT services offered by the Computer Center.

They can also ask their questions and share the issues they have with the Computer Center through the "Informatics Services Support Form" on the website or via hotline@metu.edu.tr.

For issues that cannot be resolved through online communication channels, they can visit the Computer Center's User Services Unit that has offered uninterrupted face-to-face service during the pandemic. (https://rota.metu.edu.tr/yer/63/bilgi-islem-daire-baskanligi) In the room B-14, where the User Services Unit carries out its operations, all the necessary measures have been taken regarding the pandemic.