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Campus Backbone Network METU-NET

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Middle East Technical University's Campus Technical Infrastructure is comprised of a number of departmental networks and various sizes of multi-user hosts connected around a campus-wide backbone network. At the core of campus technical infrastructure, there is this backbone network which is referred as "METU-NET Backbone". METU-NET has been installed in 1990 with 16 connection points, and expanded to 79 connection points in 2009.

The previous Token ring backbone technology is cancelled in 2000 and a new infrastructure based on ATM technology was installed. This backbone was used till 2004 when the new back backbone based on gigabit ethernet technology took its place. Currently, all departments in the campus are connected to the new Gigabit Ethernet Backbone.

Since 2011, METU-NET is supported with 10 Gigabit Ethernet technology.

Each departmental network is comprised of a collection of multi-user and/or single user systems that are connected to a departmental Local Area Network. This departmental LAN is in turn connected to the backbone via ethernet switches with Gigabit uplinks. METU Computer Center (METU CC) has the full responsibility and control over the backbone network (METU-NET). Departments' technical staff operates departmental LANs and METU CC provides technical consultation upon request. You can see the list of department administrative/technical coordinators from this link.

The communication on the campus infrastructure is based technically on Internet Protocol (IP). Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported. 

METU-NET provides its Internet connetion through TUBITAK's (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) ULAKNET (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center). Main Campus' connection to ULAKNET has 10 Gbps capacity. ULAKNET provides a high bandwidth capacity for the main campus and its distant units' (METU Northern Cyprus Campus and Mersin Erdemli Insitute of Marine Sciences) Internet connection.  

Mersin Erdemli Institute of Marine Sciences which is not a part of the main campus is connected to METU-NET with a high bandwidth capacity. Likewise, Northern Cyprus Campus is connected to METU-NET with a high bandwith capacity.

Beside this connection,  a spare connection of 1 Gbps capacity is kept ready to be used in case of a problem.

Information about the condition and statistics of off the campus Internet connection can be obtained through http://lines.metu.edu.tr(*)

(*) This links can be accessed only in METU Campus.