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Electronic Communication System (ECS) User Codes List

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In order for the announcements of the Presidency and General Secretariat to be delivered to the METU personnel, the following lists have been formed with respect to personnel titles (membership(s) of personnel is terminated in case of retirement).  Nobody, except the authorized users, can send messages to the announcement lists. In case a message has to be sent to those lists, the message should be sent to the authorized users in stead of the lists, in order to be approved and forwarded to the lists.

Name of the List Members
aras-gor-duyuru Research Assistants
genel-duyuru All METU Personnel
odtu-akademik Academic Units
ogr-uye-duyuru Academic Personnel (except Research Assistants)
Presidency rektor
Vice Presidency and Office of Assistant to the President rektory
Secretary General gensek
Assistant Secretary General genseky
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences fefd
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering muhfd
Dean of the Faculty of Architecture mimfd
Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences iibfd
Dean of the Faculty of Education efd
Directorate of School of Foreign Languages ydyom
Directorate of Technical School of Higher Education myom
Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architecture arch
Department of City and Regional Planning cp
Department of Indutsrial Design id
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Department of Biology bio
Department of Chemistry chem
Department of History hist
Department of Mathematics math
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics gene
Department of Philosophy phil
Department of Physics phys
Energy engy
Department of Psychology psy
Department of Sociology soc
Department of Statistics stat
Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences
Department of Business Administration man
Department of Economics econ
Department of International Relations ir
Department of Political Science and Public Administration padm
Faculty of Education
Department of Biology Education bed
Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology ceit
Department of Chemistry Education ched
Department of Early Childhoold Education ecem
Department of Educational Sciences eds
Department of Elementary Science Education ese
Department of Elementary Mathematics Education eme
Department of Foreign Languages Education fle
Department of Mathematics Education med
Department of Physics Education phed
Department of Physical Education and Sports pes
Department of Natural Sciences Education sce
Department of Second Science and Mathematics Education ssme
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering aee
Department of Chemical Engineering che
Department of Civil Engineering ce
Department of Computer Engineering ceng
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering ee
Department of Engineering Sciences es
Department of Environmental Engineering enve
Department of Food Engineering fde
Department of Geological Engineering geoe
Department of Industrial Engineering ie
Engineering Management engman
Department of Mechanical Engineering me
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering mete
Department of Mining Engineering mine
Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering pete
Graduate Schools
Graduate School of Applied Mathematics iam
Graduate School of Informatics eem
Graduate School of Marine Sciences dbem
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences fbem
Graduate School of Social Sciences sbem
Technical Vocational School of Higher Education
Department of Technical Programs tpr
Industrial Automation Program autod
Welding Technology Program weld
Food Technology Program fdte
Department of Technical Programs (Turkish) tkpr
Industrial Automation Program (Turkish) enot
Industrial Electronics Program (Turkish) enel
Electric Program (Turkish) elek
School of Foreign Languages
Department of Basic English beng
Department of Modern Languages mld
Academic Writing Center awc
Departments Affiliated to University Presidency
Department of Turkish Language turk
Department of Music and Fine Arts mgsb
Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
Applied Ethics aet
History of Arcitecture ah
Astrophysics astr
Applied Statistics apst
Archaeometry Program arme
Department of Biochemistry bch
Department of Biomedicine bmed
Building Science bs
Biotechnology Program btec
Cement Engineering ceme
Cognitive Sciences cogs
City Planning crp
Cryptography cryp
Eurasia Studies eas
Earth System Science ess
Europe Studies eus
Financial Mathematics fm
Financial Mathematics: Life Insurance Option fmli
Geodetic and Geographic Information Technologies ggit
Gender and Woman's Studies gws
Hydrosystem Engineering he
Development of Human Resources in Education hrde
Information Systems insy
Education over Internet ion
Industrial and Organisational Psychology ipsy
Local Government lg
Media and Culturel Studies mcs
Middle East Studies mes
Medical Informatics mi
Mikro and Nanotechnology mnt
Department of Modelling and Simulation ms
Nuclear Engineering nuc
Operational Research or
Polymer Science Technology pst
Restoration res
Regional Planning rp
Settlement Archaeology sa
Scientific Computing Program sc
Software Engineering se
Software Management sm
Science and Technology Policy Studies stps
Urban Design ud
Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments upl
the German-Turkish Msc. Program in Social Sciensces gtss
Social Politics spl
Social Anthropology san
Earthquake Research Programme eqs
Guidance and Psychological Counselling coun
Educational Administration and Planning eap
Curriculum and Instruction ci
Bioinformatic bioinfo
Master of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology mees
Game Technology gate
Units Affiliated to University Presidency
Press Office basin
Disability Support Unit engelsiz
Directorate of Electrical Works eim
Editorial Office eo
Office of EU Affairs euoffice
Graphics Design Office gto
Directorate of Public Relations halkilis
Legal Adviser hukukm
Directorate of Communication im
Directorate of Bookstore kitapm
Career Planning Center kpm
Directorate of Alumni Affairs mezun
METU Museum muze
Office of Social Services sho
Strategical Planning Unit spb
International Coorporation Office ico
Foreign Student Relations Office yoio
Directorate of the Nursery yuva
Units Affiliated to Secretary General
Forestation and Planning of University Surrounding acdm
Directorate of Press and Public Relations bhim
Directorate of Archives and Documents eam
Telephone Systems Office etim
Directorate of Ateliers gam
Directorate of Domestic Services ihm
Heating and Waterworks Office isim
Civil Defence Center ssu
Chief of Traffic tb
Office for Transportation Affairs and Repairing of Vehicles tiatm
Social Foundation Administration stm
Directorate of Building Upkeeping ybm
Computer Center bidb
Directorate of Administartive and Financial Affairs imidb
Revolving Fund Office dsim
Directorate of Documentation and Library kddb
Personnel Office pdb
Medical, Cultural and Sports Affairs Office sksdb
Directorate of Pools hm
Directorate of Cafeteria kafm
Directorate of Cultural Affairs kim
Cultural Convention Center kkm
Social Building sosbina
Chief of Staff of Medical Center srmb
Directorate of Dormitories ym
Registrar's Office oidb
Directorate of Construction and Technical Works yitdb
Projects Office pm
Budget Office bdb
Organizatonal Development and Plannig Office kgpo
Corporate Communications Office kio
Computer Aided Design and Manufacture, and Robotics Research Center biltir
Southeast Anatolia Project Research Center gap
Audiovisual Systems Research and Application Center gisam
Countries of Blacksea and Middle Asia Research Center kora
Central Laboratory merlab
Applied Ethics Research Center ueam
Center of Excellence in Biomaterials and Tissue Eng. biomaten
Confucius Research and Application Center conf
Continuing Education Center sem
Disaster Management Implementation and Research Center afet
E-Goverment Research and Application Center edmer
METU Center for Wind Energy ruzgem
Petroleum Research Center pal
Research Center for Science and Technology Policies tekpol
Society and Science Research and Application Center tbm
Welding Technology and Non- Destructive Testing Research Center kaynak
Centre for European Studies ces
Earthquake Engineering Research Center eerc
Economic Research Center erc
Faculty of Architecture Center for Research Design And Plannig fardep
Plant Biotechnology Research Laboratory plantbio
Entrepreneurship Center gimer
Research Coordination research
Center for Solar Energy Research and Applications gunam
R&D and Production Facility for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems mems
Historical Riches of Environs Research Center tacdam
METU Northern Cyprus Campus kkk
METU-SUNNY Dual Diploma Programs suny