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METU Off-Campus Connections

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METU-NET provides its Internet connetion through TUBITAK's (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) ULAKNET (Turkish Academic Network and Information Center). Main Campus' connection to ULAKNET has 4 Gbps capacity. ULAKNET provides a bandwidth capacity of 800 Mbps for the main campus and its distant units (METU Northern Cyprus Campus and Mersin Erdemli Insitute of Marine Sciences).  

Mersin Erdemli Institute of Marine Sciences which is not a part of the main campus is connected to METU-NET with a bandwidth capacity of 30 Mbps. Likewise, Northern Cyprus Campus is connected to METU-NET with 60 Mbps.

Beside this connection,  a spare connection of 1 Gbps capacity is kept ready to be used in case of a problem.

You can access the off-campus connection statistics from http://lines.metu.edu.tr (*)

(*) Accessible only from METU IP addresses.