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Announcement on New Webmail Service (Roundcube)

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Since it has been announced that no further updates will be provided for the "SquirrelMail" webmail service (https://sqrl.metu.edu.tr), it has been replaced with "Roundcube Webmail", a new webmail service with a user-friendly interface.

The current settings of our users on "SquirrelMail" will be transferred to "Roundcube Webmail" service. Both services will remain open until August 22, 2022, after which “SquirrelMail” will no longer be accessible.

You can access “Roundcube Webmail” service at https://webmail.metu.edu.tr . The other webmail service, “Horde” (https://horde.metu.edu.tr), will remain accessible, too.

For detailed information regarding our email services, you can visit the relevant page: https://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/groups/e-mail